More than just a holiday, an investment!

‘Being around others that bring new ideas, mindful approaches, relatable scenarios and the ability to have a fun… will bring out the best in you!’

JWellness was created by Julie in 2022, in collaboration with JWear, an athleisure brand with a focus on natural materials and confidence driving visions. With the focus of JWear being solely about consumers and their mental wellbeing, the introduction of JWellness became the next movement.
JWellness offer a variety of escapes designed for everyone, hosted in stunning, picturesque settings within the UK and internationally. Our transformational locations unfold, offering inspiring pathways to wellbeing.

If you’re looking for some time to reset, find yourself, do something you haven’t done before, JWellness is for you.
Indulge yourself into a few days of wellness and re-energising. Experience joy and wonder with a collection of tailored holistic and fitness routines, interactive workshops and specialised programmes.
Our retreats are transformational journeys, allowing guests to find their path of self-discovery and renewal. From exhilarating adventure and soulful relaxation to customised nutrition and interactive learning, we create wellbeing experiences tailored to individual lifestyles and goals.

Unintended therapy, expanding your mind and strengthening your soul. Tap into your purpose with us.

Meet Our Trained Professionals

“Being a group fitness trainer & holistic coach for many years,  has given me valuable experience and understanding towards the different barriers we, as people, come up against.
Providing nutritional advice, building healthy habits and always prioritising self care is important for all, finding a way that allows us to be excited for each and everyday is why jwellness was created.
Working in a health club day to day, (which I absolutely love) has introduced me to many amazing people most of which I train. I also work for a private health care company and support patients through their weight loss journey. There I bond with all my patients, it means so much to them and me.“

Julie Jackson - Founder of JWellness
(Group fitness trainer, Holistic coach Nutritional advice & building healthy habits)
“I take what I have learnt and make changes to people’s lives & wellbeing.
I love seeing results and how much this means to my clients. I want you to enjoy the results you work hard for..

I am understanding of people’s needs, likes & dislikes, therefore can adapt accordingly.
My sessions are personal to you, I don’t chat much we can talk after. What you will get is my full commitment. My involvement with JWellness you won’t find in any other retreat. I offer sessions throughout your stay and will be intouch with your requirements before we meet on your retreat.“

Paul Jackson
(Strength & conditioning, Functional training, Sports specific, Injury prevention & Rehabilitation.)